Leather Girl Kelley Creations

Leather Girl Kelley

Kayrene “Leather Girl” Kelley
working in the shop.

Shop Talk  

In 2005 I started dabbling in leather work. I worked with all kinds of leather making horse tack, belts and other items. As I progressed as an artist, I realized the waste factor was becoming an issue. I decided to do my part to eliminate as much waste from my work – my contribution to the Renew / Re-use / Recycle movement. Over the last few years I have concentrated on new accessories by recycling leather items. I’ve had a blast getting creative and making quality items that look fabulous and are making their rounds for the second time. If you look at my art you will see the hidden shapes and shadows of a jacket or belt from Woodstock, The Summer of Love or Thriller… Sort of my tribute to the past yet modern and ‘right now.’ Thank you for looking and please do not hesitate to send me a note! Leather Girl Kelley (Kayrene)